An Unprecedented Water Experience!

Dive into the world of the boats, an innovation revolutionizing the boating world. At BBQ BOAT, we are determined to offer a unique nautical experience with a boat. What’s the promise? Unforgettable moments around a delicious grilled meal in the heart of aquatic panoramas.

The essence of the barbecue boat: A revolution in the boating world

The barbecue boat, commonly known as BBQ BOAT, is the perfect blend of the pleasure of sailing and the art of barbecue. Designed for nature lovers, water enthusiasts, and outdoor cooking enthusiasts, it combines the simple joys of a barbecue with the unique adventure of sailing.

Located at the intersection of relaxation, adventure, and conviviality, the boats is suitable for all types of aquatic environments. Whether nestled near a tranquil lake, along a winding river, or just steps from a sparkling beach, our boats are ready to enhance your environment. And the bonus? No license is required to enjoy it!

Who are our customers?

At BBQ BOAT, we take pride in collaborating with nautical professionals who envision transforming their nautical base into a cutting-edge destination. By offering our boats, these entrepreneurs provide an innovative experience, setting them apart from traditional leisure bases. The barbecue boat is not just a vessel; it’s a complementary product offering high added value, a playful touch, and above all, an unparalleled customer experience.


barbecue boat


No boating experience? No problem!

One of the great beauties of the BBQ BOAT is its simplicity. Many of our clients, before partnering with us, had no prior boating experience. But that didn’t stop them from seeing a flourishing business concept in this. Our boats are designed to be user-friendly, and we provide comprehensive training covering both usage and maintenance.

Becoming a barbecue boat owner is within reach for everyone, even those new to boating. With our expertise and personalized guidance, launching your nautical base becomes a breeze.

Why not become a franchisee?

If the idea of joining a thriving adventure appeals to you, why not consider the BBQ DONUTS BOAT franchise? As a franchisee, you will not only benefit from our recognized and appreciated name but also from all the necessary support to make your business a true success.

In conclusion

The BBQ BOAT is much more than just a boat; it’s an invitation to live unforgettable moments, to share convivial meals in the heart of nature, and to offer your clients a truly unique experience. At BBQ BOAT, we are here to accompany you at every step.

So, are you ready to sail towards new culinary horizons?