Setting up a nautical base

Support for your BBQ BOAT base project

Créer sa base nautique

Support for your BBQ BOAT base project

Do you have a project to create a nautical base specialising in BBQ Boats? As a professional in the boating industry, would you like to develop this concept economically? Are you in the process of changing careers and want to set up your own business?

With 7 years of expertise in the nautical sector, our company BBQ BOAT offers you its experience for future creators of BBQ Boat bases. This guide is based on our in-depth knowledge of how to set up a BBQ Boat base.

Right from the start, this guide facilitates discussions between you, as the project owner, and our company, in order to clearly define the objectives and expected performance of your BBQ Boat base, taking into account various aspects such as :

The nature of your project

Technical and legal constraints

The size of the nautical base

Planned (additional) activities

Le contexte local

Market opportunities

BBQ Boat: A Toolbox for Designing and Deciding on Your Boat Base

We have put together a real toolbox for designing and making decisions about your BBQ Boat base. This toolbox provides you with concrete guidelines for choosing the most appropriate solutions, based on examples drawn from our extensive experience in the sector.

What water sports activities can you offer with BBQ Boats? What boats to choose? What image to give according to your target?

Les étapes de l’accompagnement

Our aim is to help you make a success of your barbecue boat base project with this guide by following these steps:


Define the exact specifications of your BBQ Boat base, taking into account your ideas and expectations.


Technical Feasibility Study for Your Nautical Base: Analysis of the Site, the Water Body and Local Requirements.


To provide you with information and support in your administrative procedures with the relevant authorities, formalities with the DDTM, AFMAR, applications for approval and the necessary insurance.

Financial study

Draw up a complete operating forecast for your BBQ Boat base, evaluating investments, operating costs, maintenance costs, seasonality, tariffs and staff costs and calculating your potential profitability.

Visual identity

Develop your branding, your brand image and your communication plan.


Maximise your income with BBQ Boats: Diversification and events for guaranteed profitability.

Créer sa base nautique

Administrative part

Taking into account the specific characteristics of your project, we will help you to present a solid and effective dossier to the relevant bodies such as the banks, DDTM, AFMAR, etc., taking advantage of our expertise acquired through our many successful installations over the years.

BBQ Boat bases play an essential role in creating links with local authorities and attracting a large and varied public. It’s a great way of encouraging the initiatives of future creators in the sector. In particular, thanks to the use of electric motors in inland waters (rivers, lakes, ponds, etc.).


Our company is committed to accompanying you through all the stages required to successfully launch your BBQ Boat base project. We offer personalised support and a targeted audit, to help you think through and effectively plan the key actions for setting up your business.

Créer sa base nautique

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