Information system
Interface RS485
Electronic battery identification Yes Important for connecting multiple batteries in battery banks
Data recording Yes Important for warranty information





Product Description

  • Smartphone app for the Travel 603/1003/1103, Cruise T and R models as well as Ultralight
  • Enables a larger on-board computer display showing range on the map and with many other benefits
  • TorqTrac app communicates wirelessly via a Bluetooth® communication module connecting the motor to the smartphone
  • Smartphone requires  iOS 11.0 or Android 5.1 and higher operating systems  and must support Bluetooth® 4.0 LE (Low Energy) technology
  • The TorqTrac app is available free of charge from the relevant smartphone app store
  • TorqTrac turns your iPhone or iPad into a dashboard for your Torqeedo boat motor
  • See how far you can still travel: the remaining range is displayed on the map in real time
  • Use waypoints for navigation and show probable time of arrival
  • Recording of journeys and eco-registration

Order information

  • Article number: 1924-00 | EAN: 4260113693155
  • Equipment included: Bluetooth data cable for connecting motor and smartphone – the app itself is available free of charge in the corresponding smartphone app store
  • If you have an Android version older than 5.1,
    download the app › here – versions older than iOS 11.0 are not supported
  • Warranty: 2 years for non-commercial use
  • Application TorqTrac

    Upgrading your on-board computer

    Torqeedo Torq Trac

    Updating your on-board computer. TorqTrac uses Bluetooth to transmit data bus information from your Torqeedo engine to your smartphone, where it is not only displayed clearly, but also merged with map information from Google Maps, allowing you to see real-time distance you still have to go. You can also enter landmarks and view the estimated time of arrival at your destination.

    TorqTrac App Features


    The classic speedometer shows current speed, power and distance traveled – and of course remaining battery capacity, remaining range (based on current conditions) and distance from starting point.

    (Note for Cruise owners with lead acid batteries: The range display is not valid until your Torqeedo Cruise system has become familiar with the capacity behavior of individual lead acid batteries – please refer to  Cruise R/T manuals  for more information.)

    Maps and Range

    Maps and Range
    Use the map section to view your vessel’s GPS position, course and speed. A circle on the map indicates the remaining range – it’s as simple as that.

    Now you can see how far you can still travel. Set waypoints, set your favorite locations and the system will give you an estimate of how long it will take to get there.

    Maps and Waypoints

    Cartes et waypoints
    Vous pouvez enregistrer vos emplacements favoris dans une liste. Toutes les informations sont affichées en temps réel en fonction des conditions actuelles et de la capacité restante de la batterie. TorqTrac utilise Google Maps.

    (Remarque pour les propriétaires de Cruise avec des batteries au plomb : l’affichage de l’autonomie n’est pas valide tant que votre système Torqeedo Cruise ne s’est pas familiarisé avec le comportement de capacité des batteries au plomb individuelles – veuillez vous reporter aux  manuels Cruise R/T  pour plus d’informations.)


    Vous pouvez enregistrer votre tour en cours : vitesse maximale, vitesse moyenne, distance totale, distance avec/sans moteur, durée totale du trajet… Sauvegardez vos tours et stockez-les dans une liste.

    Un compteur d’itinéraire compte chaque centimètre parcouru lors de l’utilisation de TorqTrac. TorqTrac mesure même l’empreinte écologique de votre moteur Torqeedo : essence économisée et quantité de gaz à effet de serre évitée.

    Une information important

    TorqTrac a été développé pour être utilisé avec les moteurs de bateaux électriques Torqeedo (Travel, Cruise R/T, Ultralight) et fonctionne uniquement avec le module TorqTrac Bluetooth® disponible dans notre boutique en ligne ou auprès de votre revendeur Torqeedo.


    Change scale units to desired mode – nautical miles, miles, kilometers, gallons, liters, etc.



    German, English, French


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