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Joining BBQ DONUTS BOAT means taking part in this human adventure and benefiting from the know-how of 7 years’ experience.


BBQ DOnuts boat was an opportunity for me to become independent and leave my company (in purchasing) to stand on my own two feet.
I was attracted by the world of enterprise, independence and a passion for human relations.

Une rentabilité prouvée

26% average EBITDA per base

350 000 €

turnover per season (average)

Lumina Prize

for the best company in 2019

Customer testimonials

They put their trust in us and tell us about their experience

"A superb experience that has enabled me to become independent and improve my living conditions. BBQ Boat is a superb team on a human scale that has supported me very well".

Kate Anderson


"I hesitated a lot, because not being from the nautical world, I didn't know anything, but I was immediately seduced by this concept. I set up my base on the serre-ponçon lake and I'm delighted to have taken the plunge.

Peter Smit


"It's incredible how this round boat attracts people. Residents and tourists alike. My bbq boats were an instant hit with my customers. Two crazy seasons".

Alisa Newbie


Devenir franchisé

Nautical Franchising: A human adventure leading to shared success

You don’t need to be a boating expert. With a franchise, we prepare you to be at the top of your game when you embark on this human adventure that will reward you with smiles from your customers.

We select candidates according to their aspirations and values.

Remember, we’re linked. Your success is our success.

Our advantages:


We train future franchisees in technical and operational aspects

Site that converts

A high-conversion website, optimised for seo and user centric for comfortable browsing

Personalisation and communication support

National communication plans

Territorial exclusivity

Clearly delineated

Daily support from experts

Our team will get back to you as soon as possible to help you: a dedicated member of staff

Communication tools

social networks, videos and photos

Tailor-made support

Would you like to set up your own nautical base but don’t know where to start? You’re not from the boating world but you’re attracted by the concept and dream of setting up your own business. Take advantage of our support to discover the joys of restaurant boat hire.

  • Accompagnement sur mesure

    Montage de votre business plan et votre prévisionnel, Définition de vos objectifs, Etude de rentabilité

  • Formation

    Formation technique et opérationnelle

  • Aménagement

    Accompagnement sur l’installation d’équipements travaux d’aménagement (agencement) Installation de la base nautique

Become a Franchisee

Entry criteria


D’apport minimum


entrance fee


of sales including VAT

5 ans

franchise contract


of gross margin


of gross margin


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