BBQ Boat Mini 6 seats

BBQ Boat Mini 6 seats

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Electric or internal combustion engine, we adapt our boats to your needs.
We study the best options according to your technical constraints and the regulations in force in your cruising area.

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Discover our packs specially designed to give you the best possible equipment to make the most of your boats and offer the best possible service to your customers.

comfort pack

House of protection

Navigation lights

4 multicoloured LED headlamps + remote control

1 bilge pump

1 battery charger

1 stainless steel ladder

Seat cushions

12V electrical system

1 shore power cable and socket

Security Pack

Life jackets Fire extinguisher

Paddle guard

Flat anchor 5 kg Paddle


5 metre mooring line

Mooring line 10 m

* Only for France

Our engines

We carefully select our partners to offer you the best and most reliable products on the market. A professional must select his partners with the greatest care to guarantee an excellent service to his customers.

Travel 1103 C = 3 CV

  • Same performance as a 3 HP petrol outboard, but greener, quieter, lighter and more comfortable
    On-board computer with GPS calculation of remaining distance
    Easy to disassemble for transport and storage
    Guaranteed cleanliness: no matter how or where you store it, your Travel leaves no traces or odours of petrol behind
    Continuous forward/reverse acceleration
    Solar chargeable
    Manual lift in the event of grounding
    Fully watertight (IP67)
    Tiller control
    Integrated 915 Wh Li-Ion battery
    Total weight: 17.3 kg (S) / 17.7 kg (L)
    Shaft length: Short shaft 62.5 cm / Long shaft 75 cm

Yamaha 6CV 4T arbre court

  • Yamaha The 6 hp outboard engine. Yamaha engines are renowned for their reliability and power. They're energy-efficient, quiet and extremely robust.
    The F6 boasts an elegant look without sacrificing its unique character, with a grey bonnet and graphics inspired by the latest Yamaha models. It's a refreshing look that reflects the great versatility of these portable, compact and fun engines.

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