Much more than a simple boat, the barbecue boat combines relaxation and gastronomy. Ideal for rental without a license, it offers a unique boating experience, centered around the conviviality of a barbecue, while offering many other pleasures.

bateau barbecue

Who is our BBQ BOAT for?

Dear professional, are you planning to offer an incomparable nautical experience during the summer season? Discover the Barbecue Boat, the perfect combination of gastronomy and floating adventure.
The Barbecue Boat is more than just a boat: it’s a culinary experience on the water. Designed specifically for leisure activities, it is suitable for a variety of events – whether a festive birthday party, a romantic dinner under the stars, an unforgettable EVJF or a family gathering.
Standing out in the leisure industry is never easy. With the Barbecue Boat, offer an exclusive experience that will not only delight your customers, but keep them coming back for more. Its original, avant-garde concept makes every outing a unique experience, creating lasting memories.
At BBQ BOAT, we’re dedicated to understanding your vision. From initial design to final installation, count on our expertise for a smooth start-up. Designed for relaxation and culinary discovery, our boats are suitable for unlicensed boating, guaranteeing a pleasurable experience for all.
Embark on an unparalleled culinary adventure. With BBQ BOAT, the extraordinary awaits you.

Become a franchisee

Do you dream of sailing to success by launching your own boating base, but the uncertainty of taking the first steps is holding you back? Don’t let a lack of experience in the boating world hold you back. Whether you’re an ambitious employee or a seasoned entrepreneur, the perfect opportunity awaits you.
Discover BBQ DONUTS BOAT, the leading barbecue boat franchise. We’ve turned a passion for boating and fine dining into a thriving business, and now we’re paving the way for you.
Our strength? A unique offering that’s “going round and round” in the marine leisure market. Your advantage? Step-by-step support to ensure your business launches, grows and prospers.
Embark on this lucrative adventure. With BBQ DONUTS BOAT, make your entrepreneurial dreams come true and set sail for profitable horizons.

BBQ Boat maxi 10 places
Become a Franchisee

Setting up a nautical base

Opt for French excellence. In addition to our commitment to compliance, we guarantee irreproachable after-sales service. Our priority is to provide you with an optimal and secure experience when using our products.

The barbecue boat

The barbecue boat is perfect for rental without a license. The barbecue boat is a convivial way to enjoy a barbecue, but not only…


Share a meal or an event on the water in a convivial atmosphere.

Boating without a license

Accessible to the widest possible audience.

Electric or internal combustion engine

Choice of motorization according to constraints and preferences


Brunch, lunch, dinner, and birthday packages are available.

Up to 10 people

Maximum capacity of 10 people for groups.


A reassuring, secure boat for greater peace of mind

Why choose us

Our French company guarantees you the best possible follow-up for safe and optimal operation.

Customer video

Discover a day aboard a BBQ BOAT in the Caribbean.

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Customer testimonials

They put their trust in us and tell us about their experience

"A superb experience that has enabled me to become independent and improve my living conditions. BBQ Boat is a superb team on a human scale that has supported me very well".

Kate Anderson


"I hesitated a lot, because not being from the nautical world, I didn't know anything, but I was immediately seduced by this concept. I set up my base on the serre-ponçon lake and I'm delighted to have taken the plunge.

Peter Smit


"It's incredible how this round boat attracts people. Residents and tourists alike. My bbq boats were an instant hit with my customers. Two crazy seasons".

Alisa Newbie



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We offer two models: The 10-seater BBQ Boat Maxi and the 6-seater BBQ Boat Mini.