The summer season is the perfect time for boating enthusiasts to enjoy clear waters and sunny days. As a yacht charter company, it’s also the perfect time to get ready to welcome customers and offer exceptional experiences on the water. In this article, we’ll share some essential tips to get your summer season off to a good start as a yacht charter business.

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1. Carry out thorough boat maintenance:

Before the start of the summer season, it’s essential to carry out a full service on all the boats in your fleet. Check the engines, electrical systems, safety equipment, and all other important components. Make sure the boats are in perfect working order and ready to be used safely by your customers.

2. Set up an efficient booking system:

An efficient booking system is crucial to managing your operations during the summer season. Make sure you have a user-friendly and functional website where customers can easily book their boats. Automate the booking process as much as possible to save time and minimize errors. Make sure you manage your inventory and monitor boat availability in real-time.

3. Offer exceptional customer service:

Customer service is a key aspect of your yacht charter business. Make sure you have a well-trained, friendly team on hand to answer customers’ questions, guide them through the booking process and assist them during their boating experience. Be responsive to customer requests and concerns, and offer assistance throughout their charter.

4. Offer attractive options and extras:

To attract more customers, offer a variety of attractive options and extras. For example, you could offer special packages for family excursions or special events. Highlight the extra equipment available, such as water sports equipment, coolers or diving gear.
Don’t forget to highlight your partners and service providers and create synergies. Offering high-quality complementary services can make your offer more attractive to potential customers.

5. Promote your company :

The summer season is the perfect time to step up your marketing strategy. Use social media to promote your business and share attractive photos and videos of your boats and happy customers. Collaborate with influencers or local partners to reach a wider audience. Don’t forget to ask for comments and reviews from your happy customers, which can be powerful marketing tools.

  1. Update your opening times on your website, your social networking profiles, and Google My Business.
  2. Organize regular themed events, such as theme days or evenings, which you can then promote on your social networks.
  3. Take regular photos and videos of your business and your boats in good weather, while respecting image rights if you photograph or film your customers (always ask for their consent before publishing). Recent smartphones offer sufficient quality to publish attractive content.
  4. Schedule posts on your social networks in advance, taking into account your audience’s peak days and times (you can find this information in statistics or by Googling “best times to post on social networks”), to save time and ensure reliable, relevant communication.
  5. Communicate regularly: quantity is less important than the frequency and quality of your publications. The aim is to maintain constant visibility on social networks. Define themes on which you can communicate regularly, such as your base’s news, and follow the trends by taking inspiration from the competition.
  6. Be responsive by replying quickly to customers who prefer to use social networks as a means of contact.


By following these essential tips, you can start the summer season as a yacht charter company on a positive note. Offer well-maintained boats, excellent customer service, and attractive options to attract and retain customers. With careful planning and solid execution, you can make this summer season a real success for your yacht charter business.